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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Bill Queen, Area Director, (404) 441-3508,

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Marcus Fox, Campus Ambassador, (770) 833-5145, 

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Heather Queen, Admin Assitant, (404) 388-4545,

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Bill Queen,  Area Director        

The Call to Serve the Lord 

Isaiah 42:6 says: "I, the Lord, have called you for a righteous purpose, and I will hold you by your hand."


Looking back, I can see the milestones in my life where God was molding me to get me ready to do His work. I had been a corporate executive for 13 years when I first felt God' call. But for five conflicted years I remained in the corporate world knowing that God had a different purpose for me and that it was for full-time ministry. Because I played sports all my life and coached youth sports for many years, it was no accident that in the summer of 2006 He revealed the opportunity to serve Him through the FCA and I have been blessed ever since.


We live in a society where church is not allowed into our public schools. Our youth today face tremendous negative pressures and influences as drugs, alcohol, violence and teen sex are everywhere. So who do they turn to for direction? Over 87% of our youth do not feel comfortable talking to their parents about these issues and many do not have parents at home. Those kids have no direction, no hope. However through athletics, God has opened the school doors for us to minister and spread Christ's love to them.


FCA is the largest interdenominational, school-based, Christian sports organization in America. Through a diverse and dynamic outreach program, FCA communicates faith and hope while providing athletes and coaches of all backgrounds the opportunity to gain athletic and spiritual insight and interact with positive Christian role models from the college and professional ranks. Our goal is to have a presence on every high school and middle school campus, and every sporting event in Cherokee County. God's grace and mercy is abundant and through the power of the Holy Spirit, I am very passionate about achieving this goal.


The Cherokee County FCA exists because local people, moved by God, have given generously. We invite you to get involved by praying for us, volunteering with us and giving to the ministry.

Jimmy Ratliff, Campus Director      

The influence of a coach goes beyond their athletic arena and leaves a lasting impact on the lives of their players.  I am blessed to have known the impact of a coach in my life and I am grateful for the lessons learned through his leadership. As a native to Woodstock, Ga. I am thrilled that God has called me to work with coaches and athletes in Cherokee County. My desire is to assist our coaches in leaving an eternal impact on the lives of students and athletes and to see the world changed through Jesus. 

I Cor. 15:57 

But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Marcus Fox, Campus Ambassador      

I have been a sports chaplain for more than 20 years and have been involved with FCA since high school either as a speaker or leader and been on staff for the last few years. The tremendous priviledge I have of being associated with athletes and coaches as we union to give evidence of Christ in our lives is something that can't be replaced with anything else. As we continue to saturate our world with the Good News and expand the FCA in our area I look forward with enthusiasm to all GOD holds for us. We only look in the rear view mirror for encouragement from all HE has done and boldly set higher goals for all HE will do.

"Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me. Redeem me from the oppression of men, that I may obey your precepts. Make your face shine upon your servant and teach me your decrees." ~~Psalm 119: 133-135

 Aaron Keith, Campus Ambassador      

"Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ."  1 Corinthians 11:1

Two years ago I was sitting in Sunday school class. My teacher asked a very unique question… “Who, here, has ever been mentored, discipled, or poured into by someone other than a parent, grandparent or close family member?” There were just over 20 couples in the room, and one guy, out of almost 50 people, raised his hand. Our teacher was blown away. He quickly asked, “Who, here, wishes they would have been poured into?” EVERY hand went up. “So who, here, is currently pouring into and investing in someone,” he asked? Not one hand went up. “Well, this is a big problem,” he said, “We have 2 options I guess….you can soon graduate out of this class and I will lead another generation, who nobody loved enough to invest in…OR…you can make a decision right now, that you will break a chain, using your God-given passion, gifts and abilities to invest in the next generation!” My decision, is to INVEST!

"And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others."  2 Timothy 2:2

Morgan Payne, Campus Ambassador    

     After being coached in softball for over 13 years, I understand the impact a coach can have in the life of a student. A coach’s influence goes beyond preparation for a tournament, season, or sport. They have the ability to leave a lasting imprint on the athletes they coach. I can remember how the coaches in my life became mentors that helped shape who I am today.      When the opportunity arose to join FCA, my heart couldn’t say “no.” It’s an honor to get to partner with coaches all around the county to help equip them to disciple and mentor their athletes. I’m passionate about discipleship, building relationships and the opportunity to get to invest my life in others. My life was changed because someone decided to invest in me and share the love of Jesus with me. I can’t wait to get to do the same for someone else! It’s such a blessing to see the way God is moving through the local schools in our students and teachers here in Cherokee county!

"Yes, Lord, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you; your name and renown are the desire of our hearts." Isaiah 26:8

Heather Queen, Admin Assistant      

I was born and raised in Georgia, and have fond memories of attending FCA huddles in my high school. I worked in the school system and have seen firsthand the challenges that students face each day. FCA allows students the opportunity to know Jesus personally,  to grow in their faith, fellowship with other Christians and teaches them how to become leaders for Christ. I feel tremendously blessed that God opened up the opportunity for me to work with FCA and students. It is a privilege each day to see God at work in our students and school.

Jeremiah 29:11  “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  


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